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Human Design Gates Physiology

This is a list of all the Human Design gates Physiological connections listed in numerical order. This is not medical advice but here to help you contemplate your energetic links to your health and well-being.

Gate 1: Liver

Gate 2: Sternum

Gate 3: Naval

Gate 4: Neocortex

Gate 5: Sacral Plexus

Gate 6: Mesenteric Plexus, also known as Lumbar Ganglia

Gate 7: Diaphragm

Gate 8: Thyroid (Adam's Apple)

Gate 9: Solar Plexus

Gate 10: Chest (Heart)

Gate 11: Pituitary Gland

Gate 12: Thyroid

Gate 13: Amygdala

Gate 14: Small Intestines

Gate 16: Parathyroid Gland

Gate 17: Pituitary Gland

Gate 19: Body Hair

Gate 21: Lungs

Gate 22: Sacral Plexus

Gate 23: Throat

Gate 24: Neocortex

Gate 25: Heart

Gate 26: Thymus Gland

Gate 27: Sacral Plexus

Gate 28: Kidneys

Gate 29: Sacral Plexus

Gate 30: Digestion

Gate 31: Throat/Thyroid

Gate 32: Spleen

Gate 33: Throat/Thyroid

Gate 34: Solar Plexus

Gate 35: Thyroid/Parathyroid Gland

Gate 36: Solar Plexus

Gate 37: Solar Plexus (Dorsal Ganglia) and the Mouth

Gate 38: Adrenals

Gate 41: Adrenals

Gate 42: Sacral Plexus

Gate 43: Inner Ear

Gate 44: Immune System

Gate 45: Thyroid

Gate 46: Blood

Gate 48: Lymphatic System (Spleen)

Gate 49: Solar Plexus

Gate 50: Immune System

Gate 51: Gallbladder

Gate 52: Perineum

Gate 54: Tailbone

Gate 55: Solar Plexus, also known as Dorsal Ganglia

Gate 56: Thyroid/Parathyroid

Gate 58: Perineum

Gate 59: Sacral Plexus (Sexual Organs)

Gate 60: Colon

Gate 61: Pineal Gland

Gate 62: Throat/Thyroid

Gate 63: Pineal Gland

Gate 64: Pineal Gland

Format Channel Circuitry and Nutrition

Channel 53-42 (Sensing Abstract Circuitry)

Channel 3-60 (Individual Circuitry)

Channel 52-9 (Understanding Logic Circuitry)

Physiology of the Human Design Gates by Center

I will be writing individual nutrition, health, and human design articles for each human design gate. Stay tuned! Subscribe to stay notified of new articles released :)

Much love,


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