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Human Design Options

When collaborating with clients, I like to focus on the practical application of the information within the chart. Correlating a person's gifts and energetics to real-life situations is my favorite way to teach. Each session is tailored to match the individual's specific needs and level of familiarity with human design. Whether you’re looking for a general overview of your chart or an in-depth exploration of a particular aspect, my goal is to equip you with actionable guidance for living in greater alignment with your unique design. 

Human Design as an Empowering Tool

I love Human Design❤️ I haven't studied anything this much since I discovered my love of nutrition in college!


Learning about my unique human design has been empowering, validating, and helpful. I've learned how to experience less resistance in life, and it has brought me a lot of depth and transformation. I want that for everyone, especially my clients.

Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date, and place of birth. It's referred to as our Energetic DNA. If you are curious and want to look up your unique blueprint, go here.

As I learned more about Human Design, I knew it would be a great tool when working with my nutrition clients.

Every nutrition client receives a mini Human Design reading with an emphasis on the health aspect and what I see may assist them in reaching their health goals. In addition, throughout the nutrition program, I communicate correlations between health and the client's Human Design chart.

There are many things in the Human Design chart that correlate with physical and emotional health. For example, it helps me understand how your energy works, how you are designed to make decisions, your access to motivation and willpower, how you experience emotions, where you are prone to anxiety or melancholy, how your body processes stress and pressure, whether you are designed for structure or to be more in the flow of life, and more! Here is one example of how the root center in Human Design is linked to Adrenal Gland health.

Feeling well and eating involves so much more than just food, right?

I want my clients to feel seen and heard by me, and to feel fulfilled in their life, which ultimately impacts health and well-being. Human Design is an amazing tool for accessing deeper layers of energetics that impact well-being. It provides insight as to why you do what you do, or why you think like you think, and it gives insight into how you're designed to make decisions that are energetically correct for you, which is very empowering. Here are some ways learning my unique design has empowered me!

After two years of deep self-study, I attended a DayLuna Human Design Reader Training. I am continuing to study with the Human Design Academy. My "1" profile line will always be a lifelong learner! I offer Human Design Readings for individuals, couples, and children.  


I especially love helping parents and their children. As a mom, human design is the most accurate and reliable tool I have come across for understanding and supporting my kids -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's better than any parenting book I've ever read or parenting counselor I've talked to!

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