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Human Design Reading (Children)

Learning the intricacies of your children's energy is life-changing.

  • 2 hr
  • 175 US dollars


As a mother of two boys, Human Design is the most accurate and reliable tool I have come across for understanding and supporting my kids -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's better than any parenting book I've read or parenting counselor I've talked to. Learning about my boys' unique human designs has been life-changing for me and them! Human Design shows us how we are all unique individuals. It will allow you to put words to the intricacies of your kiddo's personality. It's like a guidebook that provides clear guidance on how to support your children along their unique paths toward self-discovery and their highest potential. This appointment is for two people, which can be either two children or a parent and a child. During the appointment, there are many things we can discuss, and this can be tailored just for you. I like to look at the child and parent(s) charts to see all the dynamics the kiddo is living in. Topics I like to discuss during a child & parent human design reading: • Your child’s Type and how to support it • Optimizing Sleep based on Type • Activity and Energy output • How your child navigates with more ease (Strategy) and how you can support your child’s strategy in real life. • How your child is designed to make decisions and how that might differ from you (Authority). • How your child processes emotions. • Sensitivities • Behavior signals (not-self & signature theme) • Your child’s learning style. • Some of your child’s innate gifts and ways you can support these gifts (ie: channels and prominent gates), and keywords you can use to talk to your kiddo about them. • Strongest Sense and Nutrition (Digestion per Human Design) This reading is done via Zoom and is recorded so you can be present during our session. I send you the audio recording so you can listen back at any time. I am trained as a Human Design reader through DayLuna Human Design and currently a student at the Human Design College.

Cancellation Policy

To provide you with the best experience, I kindly request a three day gap between booking and the actual reading. This allows me to prepare thoroughly to serve you better. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to our session.

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