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Hi! I'm Kelly

Registered Dietitian & Human Design Coach

What’s different about me?

#1: I use a Functional Nutrition approach, which aims to find the root cause of issues, uses food as natural medicine, and involves balancing core areas of health (ie: stress, sleep, activity, spirit, etc.).


#2: I have been an RD for 22 years, and have nine years of experience working with supplements, tinctures, superfoods, and herbs. If needed, I will help you navigate the often confusing supplement industry to ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs.

#3: I have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Washington State University.


#4: I use Human Design as a tool to transform client's health and well-being. Learning about my design has made me feel expansive and changed my life! Here are some juicy revelations I discovered about myself as a 4/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator.

If you would like a human design reading, schedule here.

#5: I am an athlete myself, so I understand how nutrition impacts exercise performance. Learning about sports nutrition was the reason I became a dietitian! I started running competitively at age 9, I was a three-sport athlete in high school, and I attended the University of Idaho on a track & field scholarship. 

After college, I loved running half marathons, I ran the NYC marathon (a bucket list item!), and now I enjoy easy runs with girlfriends, yoga, and hiking in the Central Oregon mountains. I was the Sports Dietitian at a PAC-12 University where I helped teams and individual athletes with nutrition for their sport performance.

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