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a Yoga & Human Design Retreat

Journey to a serene, beautiful location to explore all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Leave feeling Transformed, Rejuvenated, and Empowered!

in Ericeira, Portugal

October 5th-11th, 2024

This retreat is FULLY BOOKED. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please send me a message. This is going to be an unreal experience! I'm so grateful for everyone who has registered.

Visit Casa Paço D'Ilhas,


The most unique retreat venue in Portugal, and we will have it all to ourselves!

Just 40 minutes from Lisbon, Paço D'Ilhas is located in a picturesque hilltop town overlooking the western coast of Portugal. It's known for its beautiful beaches and world-class surfing waves, natural beauty, and rich culture.
We will be surrounded by nature with opportunities to take walks along the ocean cliff trails or put your feet in the sand.

October 5th - 11th, 2024

October is an ideal time to visit Ericeira, with daytime temperatures ranging from low 70's to low 80's, and cooling at night to low 60's. 

Devote Time & Space for Yourself

This will be an unforgettable experience with a focus on self-reflection, empowerment, and personal growth. You will return to the real world feeling rejuvenated, energetically lighter, resilient, and confident. 

Two big themes throughout this retreat are: unlocking your full potential and transformation.

Each day will be different, engaging in various activities that help you dive deep into your inner self. This "work" is much like peeling away the layers of an onion, and as you tap into subconscious limiting beliefs and deeper wounds, this promotes shedding of burdens that have been holding you back from your fullest potential. You will have plenty of time for introspection and integration, all while relaxing in the Portuguese nature.

The Transformation "Menu"


Maja will lead a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin style yoga in gorgeous locations throughout the property.

The daily yoga classes are  designed to guide you back to yourself, fostering strength, flexibility, and a deeper connection with your body's unique needs.


You can expect to be challenged at times, but always guided and supported to move at your own pace and rhythm of your body. 

In addition, experience the profound benefits of daily meditation sessions, fostering inner peace and mindfulness.


Blending science & spirituality, human design reveals your true purpose. Each person has their own unique human design. During the retreat, Kelly will provide one-on-one and group insight about your individual design. We will focus on connecting to your life purpose, innate talents, self-worth, deconditioning, and empowering yourself to become your own guide.


We all want to continue growing and evolving. The more we understand who we came here to be, and can shed unhelpful conditioning we've picked up throughout life, the more flow, success, and satisfaction we find in our lives.


Tap into your magnetism with two Conscious Connected breathwork sessions during the week. This is a great way to positively impact your health and wellbeing quickly & over the long term. It's especially powerful for shedding emotional weight and releasing blockages that hold you back from your highest potential.


Maja will be there to guide you through the experience and support the process. It can be powerful, it can be messy, and it can be extremely profound and healing. 


Leave the meal planning & cooking up to us! What a treat! You will feel wonderful fueling your body with well-balanced, delicious foods that support your energy levels, mental and emotional well-being, gut health, cellular healing, and detoxification. Meals will include healthy fats, a lot of colorful plant foods, and sustainably raised protein options.


Kelly has 23 years of experience as a registered dietitian and helps people from a holistic, functional nutrition approach. Nutrition is in her heart, so she will be available for questions and nutrition discussion during the week.


Time in nature is soul nourishing and stress reducing!

Enjoy walks along the ocean cliffs, daily sunshine, sunsets, and relaxing at a venue surrounded by pristine vegetation and gardens.

Breathing the fresh air has a profound effect on emotional health.


Two of Kelly's favorite things are walking in nature and the beach, so she plans on incorporating plenty of daily movement, and it's even better with others!


Ceremonial cacao is 100% pure cacao bean paste, and has been used for centuries as a sacred beverage. Cacao creates a heart-opening sensation that helps open new creative pathways and promotes integration. Through this ceremony, we aim to provide a space for inner exploration to foster spiritual growth among participants.


Kelly is a huge fan of cacao's nutritional properties & health benefits. It contains natural compounds that enhance focus and clarity, promote feelings of connection and empathy, and enhance mood and emotional well-being.


Fun is self-care! Enjoy five rhythm dancing, beach & pool time, a chance to do something new and take a surfing lesson (optional), cozy bonfires under the stars, and meaningful connections with fellow participants.


Ericeira is surrounded by some of the best sites in Portugal, including Sintra (my personal favorite!) and Lisbon. Consider extending your trip so you can tour the surrounding area.


Devote time for silence, journaling, rest, and self-reflection. Transformation involves time to process and connect with your heart's desires. 

There are plenty of hidden corners on the property for you to take space for yourself.

Also, massage is available at the venue at an additional cost.


However you choose to spend your alone time, it can feels amazing to find comfort in one's own aura.

All Inclusive Retreat


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 3 high-quality and healthy meals per day

  • 1 Surfing lesson because "why not?" After all, Ericeira is a surfer's paradise with some of the best surfing in the World.

  • Daily Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin Yoga classes

  • Every transformational activities listed in the menu above. We desire to tap into your full potential and raise your consciousness.

Not included:

  • Airfare

  • Airport transfers

  • Personal expenses

  • Travel insurance

  • Massage treatments at the property

Nearest airport: Lisbon
Airport pick up and drop off can be arranged.
*Payment plans available*


Meet Your Hosts


Hi! I'm Maja Mika

Maja was born in Poland, raised in London, and currently resides in Cyprus. 


Her journey with yoga began in 2016 while suffering from anxiety and depression during her university years. She felt disconnected from her body and heart. While searching for answers and seeking self-healing, yoga entered her life. After practicing for two years, she embarked on a solo trip to India to complete a 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course. She has currently completed 600 teacher training hours in various types of yoga, so needless to say, she's very experienced.


Maja teaches yoga with the intention of supporting and fostering feelings of inner peace, love, and gratitude. She is also a trained conscious connected breathwork instructor, and is very gifted at guiding these sessions!


She has led numerous retreats and workshops around the World, and her retreats always spark transformation in people's lives!  

Maja's human design is a 1/3 Sacral Generator. Her life's purpose involves infusing values that serve and enrich the present and future. She's naturally supportive, encourages empowerment, and is gifted at creating harmony & love in a group. Maja is extremely empathetic, and she is also a powerful force of change. Her one potent channel of mutation (3-60) sparks innovation, renewal, and transformation in her own life and the lives of those around her.

Hi! I'm Kelly Harrington

I was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon and currently reside in Bend, Oregon.


I have been a registered dietitian for 23 years, and in my practice I prioritize finding the root cause of symptoms. I use a holistic approach which considers nutrition, nervous system regulation, sleep, environmental toxins, emotional patterns, and mindset. I love helping people create health and well-being in their life, optimize energy, and have more joy and compassion for themselves.

I'm also a human design analyst and I incorporate human design into all I do, including my nutrition business, my relationships, and parenting my two boys (ages 10 and 12). I've witnessed and experienced for myself how understanding your innate energy can elevate and transform your life with more ease. 

My human design is a 4/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator. My life's purpose involves awakening others to a deeper emotional and spiritual awareness. I aim to inspire, encourage, and provoke individuals to become their highest potential by liberating anything hindering personal growth. With my strong intuition, I can sense a person's unique talents and purpose, and I love inspiring people to use their gifts to the fullest.


Picturesque Rooms

There are a variety of rooms to choose from. There are private rooms and rooms in a shared house. You can pick your room preference when you pay your deposit. The earlier you register, the higher likelihood you will get the room you want. If you don't have a specific room preference, I will place people based on their human design compatibility.

Book Now for
6 days of Self-Care

SUPER EARLY BIRD - $1730 (until December 31, 2023)
EARLY BIRD - $1890 (January 1 to June 1, 2024)

Sign up now and pay the rest later...

Place a deposit of $500 to secure your spot!
Final payment is due 90 days prior to the retreat on July 6, 2024.
Payment plans are available.
I will gladly work with you to make this experience a reality for you!


 Interested in this Retreat?

I know this is a big decision, and I promise you will not regret it! With that said, if you have any questions or would like clarity about things, please send me an email. I would be happy to talk. 

I visited Portugal on my honeymoon, and the area we are retreating to was my absolute favorite place I visited! You can't go wrong with the location and this time of year.

How Maja and I Met

It started with a "follow" on my Instagram page. Maja says she found my account via a yoga page I follow. When I checked out her Instagram profile, I saw Maja's yoga retreat to "swim with dolphins" in the Red Sea. The pictures of the dolphins and dreamy blue water were stunning and I instantly felt a "yes" in my gut!

I emailed Maja to inquire, and when she responded, it felt as if I somehow knew her. I could feel her love and inclusivity through her words. We set up a Zoom call to discuss more details, and I knew after talking to her that I would be joining her in Egypt.

Prior to the retreat, Maja invited me to share human design with the retreat group, which was such a special treat.

Meeting Maja in person and getting to know her was so special. We spent a week together on a yacht in the Red Sea, swimming with dolphins, practicing yoga, deconditioning, doing breathwork, and dancing!! We discovered we both love to dance! After the retreat, we spent several days touring Luxor, Giza, and Cairo together, which was equally as amazing.

And now, I'm grateful and honored to get to co-host this Portugal retreat with Maja. She is amazing at what she does, and is the most gentle and loving person, yet also a force to be reckon with in the best possible way. 

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