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Human Design Options

Human Design helps us navigate life in personal alignment. It breaks down exactly why and how we are different as individuals. It tells you what your gifts and strengths are, how you're designed to make aligned decisions, how you process emotions, how you manage stress, your life purpose, and so much more.


Your Human Design can also identify areas of resistance or conditioning that may be holding you back from who you are meant to be. It's a wonderful transformational tool. 


For parents, it's a highly effective guidebook for extensively understanding your child's strengths, decision-making process, learning style, optimizing sleep, and the intricacies of how your child's energy works.

I am certified with DayLuna. I have studied extensively with the Human Design College, and also had the privilege of taking a class about the 64 gates, taught by Martin Grassinger, the man who worked with Ra Uru Hu on the Biology and Health of Human Design. In addition, with a "1" in my profile, I have dove deep into self-study of this beautiful system.

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