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What is Definition in Human Design?


This is an overview of Definition and what it means to have Single, Split, Triple Split, Quadruple Split, and No definition.

Definition is determined by how all the colored centers are connected through channels. Remember, definition is only a layer of your energetic body and the entirety of the chart makes a difference, especially when talking about conditioning.

What Does Definition in Human Design Tell Us?

Definition tells us:

  • How we connect with each other.

  • How your energy integrates with another person.

  • How we process information.

  • How we take in conditioning.

  • Shows our biggest area to release conditioning or where we may have wounds.

What is Single Definition?

About 42% of the population has Single definition. Single definition means all Centers defined are connected by channels so the energy connects in a single, continuous flow. This creates one energetic "continent" and it feels like an inner sense of wholeness.

People with single definition are OK being alone with themselves because they don't need another person to help them assimilate information. They are not looking for others to connect their definition like those with any split definition are.

Those with single definition processes information quickly and work well alone.

If the person has Emotional Authority, it can be harder to remember to ride the emotional wave before making decisions.

Those with single definition takes in the most conditioning through undefined/open centers. Ra established a certain order in which Centers have more or less challenges for conditioning. If the Will Center is undefined, look at this center first for conditioning.


What is Split Definition?

About 45% of the population has Split definition in their Human Design chart. Split definition means there are two separate areas of definition not connected to each other. There's an interruption, or break, in the energy flow of your chart. These two different "continents" of yourself process energy and information in totally different ways. Therefore, it takes slightly longer for people with split definition to process information.

Those with split definition work well in partnership because other people help connect their "continents" together to become a single definition. Connection with others can feel like a "missing link" because it's what creates wholeness. Therefore, the bridge gates can energetically become the focus of the person's attention (even more than the undefined centers), and therefore create not-self behavior.

What is a "bridge gate?"

A "bridge gate" is the missing gate that would connect your energy into a continuous flow. It's the missing energy that would complete the chart to become single definition. There is often more than one bridge gate possibility.

The main conditioning for those with Split definition is through the bridge gates. The quality and characteristic of the 'missing' gate(s) are motivating factors in your life. There will be people that come into your life who have these qualities. You will have a tendency to pursue the qualities of the missing gates as though they represent something that is incomplete or wrong with your life, or as if this is a part of you or your life that needs to be completed or fixed. Nothings needs fixed. In fact, the bridging gates are actually areas you can become very wise about.

For example, if gate 48 is the bridge gate to your chart, you will be looking for people with depth. It’s subconscious but there’s something attractive about this bridge gate. It feels like this person helps you cross the river you’ve been wanting to cross all your life.

Gate 48 as your bridge could also be conditioned to needing to always be the one with depth, conditioned to feel inadequate, or conditioned to have fear of being inadequate. If this chart also has an undefined Will Center, you could be conditioned to prove to people that you have depth and are adequate in something.

Keep in mind, you don't need to become the bridge gate! Rather, you're here to be wise about it because you're filtering the essence of that bridge gate.

What is Triple Split Definition?

About 10.5% of the population has Triple Split definition. Triple Split definition means there are three separate areas of definition not connected to each other. You need several gates or channels to connect all your defined centers in a continuous flow.

With three separate areas of your chart processing information differently, it can take slightly longer to process and integrate information. Check in with all three areas to process. It's healthy to be around many different auras each day to process information & not feel trapped. This person wants to feel connected in any possible way so they like to mingle in crowds and be in public aura (ie: bookstore, coffee shop, library, hotel library, airport) to bridge their splits.

The main conditioning for those with Triple Split definition is through the undefined/open centers. The bridge gates are also conditioning elements, but to a lesser extent.

What is Quadruple Split Definition?

About 0.6% of the population has Quadruple Split definition. Quadruple Split definition means there are four separate areas of definition not connected to each other and you need multiple gates to bridge your four splits. There are so many separate parts, they don’t care about bridging them at once. It’s more like a buffet – this person selects whatever in the moment.

Quadruple Split definition takes the longest to process information. It can feel difficult to move quickly until you feel complete so check in with all four areas to process and give yourself plenty of time. Digesting and assimilating information is helped by being in public areas, similar to those with Triple Split definition. The auras in public locations provide you with neutral bridging gates and channels from others, rather than the same conditioning from family, spouses, or friends. This is especially valuable when making important decisions. Take your time, be patient, adn wait for a sense of wholeness to happen.

The main priority in your chart is the one undefined center (if you have one). Next, conditioning comes from the gates that bridge your splits.

Those with quadruple split are not designed to be super flexible, which makes Strategy and Authority crucial! Getting caught up by "should's" and "have to's" are the most destructive for a person with quadruple split.

No Definition

About 1.5% of the population has No definition, and that is a Reflector Type. Your source of definition comes from your connection with others or by the transits. You are wide open and are able to objectively evaluate things as they pass through you.

Your hanging gates are engaged by the moon and tracking what gate the moon is in throughout the year can help.

Your greatest source of conditioning is through your undefined Centers, but not to the same extent as other people because your sampling aura protects you from deep Conditioning. One caveat: Before you realize how much of an empath you are, it can be easy to confuse another person's thoughts and emotions as your own, which will condition you. Once you have awareness about your design, your sampling aura will really help shed the conditioning.

By following your Strategy and Authority, you'll be in the correct environment to meet the correct people and see what you're supposed to see.

Questions for Inquiry

What is the definition in your chart? If you have split definition, how have you noticed the theme of your bridge gate showing up in your life?

I would love to hear from you.

Much love,


Human Design Appointments

Moving from where you are now to where you want to be requires long-term dedication to learning and experimenting with your human design. I've learned so much through the process of researching, observing myself and others, experimenting, and repeating that cycle over and over.

I believe growth requires more than one appointment, which is why I offer an initial appointment (90 minutes) with a follow-up appointment (60 minutes).


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