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Undefined Will Center in Human Design


This center has several names - the heart, ego, and will center. I would like to make a clarification...I no longer refer to this Center as the Heart Center because the soul, heart, and higher self are located in the G Center. I now refer to this center as the Will or Ego Center only.

63% of the population have an undefined or open Will center.

If you have an undefined or open Will Center, being able to understand what this center is all about and being able to differentiate between the Will's high expression and the Will's conditioning can be life altering!

Open Will Center versus Undefined Will Center

An open Will center refers to zero hanging gates activated from the center.

An undefined Will refers to one or more hanging gates coming from the center.


Physiology of the Will Center

Gate 40: stomach - read more about gate 40 and stomach health

Gate 26: thymus gland

Gate 21: heart

Gate 51: gall bladder

Energetic Themes of the Will Center

The Will center is a powerful motor and it's about "I, me, mine." The energy is the source of our willpower, motivation, ego, generating and managing physical resources, and the material world. These are very influential forces in the world.

The material world is defined as anything that’s physical or supports our physical needs, including money, time, property, homes, food, supplies, your physical body.

Undefined Will Center Conditioning

An Undefined or Open Center does not have consistent and reliable energy output. Instead, it is where you take energy in from others, and that often feels like amplified energy in your body. Being able to "feel" another person in this way can make you very wise about the theme of the Will center, which is a great thing!

Where you can run into problems is when you identify with what you experience through your undefined center as your true self. The undefined centers are prone to conditioning.

High Expression of the Undefined and Open Will Center

With an undefined Will Center you are capable of having a wise perspective about inherent value and self-worth. You trust you have inherent worth. You can discern which way of seeing your own value and worth is healthy for you. You accept you have nothing to prove. You rely on your Strategy and Authority to provide for your needs.

This undefined Will Center is also how you experience others, and you can tell if what you’re receiving is healthy for you. You especially have a wise sense about trustworthiness of another person's word, and the use of money and personal power on the material plane.

With an undefined Will you can feel when you're motivated and when you aren’t, and when in alignment, you are able to let go of needing to feel motivated all the time. You learn to trust that you have the exact amount of motivation you need and honor that.

You use your Authority to determine which promises or commitments you have energy for, and most importantly, which commitments are correctly aligned for you. And…if you enter into a commitment incorrectly, you don’t force yourself to keep it and don't feel unworthy about backing out.

Worth and Value in an Undefined Will Center

Self-worth and self-value stretches into every aspect of life, so this is the center prone to the most conditioning in life. Be honest with yourself. Where are you valuing and undervaluing yourself or putting pressure on yourself?

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the energy to work on something. Just say, “I’m not meant to work on it today." Allow yourself to rest.

Low Expression of an Undefined Will Center: Doing thigs to prove yourself, lacking self worth, and underestimating your value.

Willpower and Motivation in an Undefined Will Center

There's a lot of conditioning in our society to always be motivated, to always be connected to something, and to have willpower toward goals and everything you want to accomplish in life.

As said above, notice when you’re motivated and when you aren’t, and let go of needing to feel motivated all the time.

An undefined Will Center is susceptible to taking in and amplifying the willpower and motivation of someone who has a defined Will Center. This can feel deceiving because it can feel like you suddenly have the will to make and keep a commitment. This "borrowed" willpower evaporates, however, as soon as the person with the defined Heart Center leaves.

When you have no motivation, lay on the couch and do a meditation, feeling into your inherent worth as a human being on Earth. This is a muscle you can build and practice.

Nutrition and Exercise with an Undefined Will Center

I've been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years, and have worked with thousands of clients to improve their health, reach their health goals, make lifestyle changes, and connect to their body with intuitive eating. It takes time!

I can tell when someone's motivation is ebbing and flowing. Here are 5 tips I have to reach your nutrition, exercise, and health goals.

The Undefined Will vs the Mind

With an Undefined or Open Will Center, the mind can easily take over. If you notice your mind having thoughts related to trying to prove your worth or value in any way, pause, and "put them in check." This is a time to shift your self-talk into, "I have NOTHING to prove" and truly feeling you are inherently worthy no matter what!

I want to provide some examples of what it might feel or sound like if the mind takes over and the Will Center slips into a low expression - this is typically caused by conditioning, and noticing this talk is essential to deconditioning.

  • I better do this because if I don't, I won't be worthy.

  • Trying to prove you’re good enough or trying to prove you're a good person.

  • Trying to prove yourself with material achievements (ie: money, time).

  • I have to be in control. I have to be brave.

  • I have to be loyal so others will see how valuable I am, and so I can prove to myself how valuable I am.

  • Trying to prove your value.

  • Trying to prove you can deliver on your promises even if it leads to burnout.

Real Life Solutions for an Undefined and Open Will Center

FEEL in your soul that you are a worthy and valuable person. Trust it.

UNDERSTAND you have nothing to prove.

Make a PROMISE or agreement only when your Authority says, “yes!”

Pay attention to when your mind wants to make a promise to prove something vs feeling like your heart is really in it and your Authority says “yes.”

Recommended Mantras for the Undefined and Open Will Center

I recommend any of these mantras for an undefined/open Will center: "I have nothing to prove." "I matter." "I am inherently valuable worthy."

I hope you enjoyed learning about the undefined Will center. My mission is to simplify human design so you're able to apply it in real life.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.❤️ If you're inclined, follow me on Instagram for nutrition and human design content.

- Kelly xo

Article Resources:

Uru Hu, Ra. The Definitive Book of Human Design. The Science of Differentiation.

Human Design Appointments

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