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Channel 34-20 The Channel of Charisma

Channel 34-20

This channel is part of the Human Design Individual Circuitry and is an Integration Channel. This means this energy is a gift that is deeply personal and comes from within. It's meant to be shared with others to inspire, awaken, and empower others. This energy attracts attention for being unique and so full of life, but also needs alone time to allow exploration of the most fulfilling use of this powerful energy.

My Personal Experience with the Channel of Charisma

I have the Channel of Charisma as part of the 34-20-57 circuitry in my Human Design chart. Three of my best friends of almost 30 years have channel 34-20, and I know of four other close friends with this channel. My brother has this channel too. It's definitely an energy I attract and click with. Perhaps "like attracts like." It's also a feeling of "getting each other" in regards to being busy, and also being able to keep up with each other as Manifesting Generators! These friends are FUN!

A Manifesting and Generated Channel

Channel 34-20 is the only channel that makes a person a pure Manifesting Generator. It's the only channel with a direct connection from the Sacral Center to the Throat Center, and also means a person has more Manifesting energy.

Gifts of the Channel of Charisma

Someone with this channel is here to do what they deeply love and to inspire and empower others to do the same.

When a Manifesting Generator is doing what lights them up, they are MAGNETIC! Here's a journaling activity to help you determine what lights you up in life.

The way to lean into this gift is by openly sharing your shine, your authentic self, and your zest for life that bubbles to the surface when you are doing what you love. This charismatic passion is meant for others to witness. If you have this channel, and when you feel that energy, let it flow! It's contagious!

Low Expression of The Channel of Charisma

  • With such attractive charisma, it can be extremely easy to experience conditioning that dims that charismatic joy and love of life. Feeling like you're "too much" or "too big" or "too loud" or "too energetic" are all conditioning to shed. This shedding of my guard has been life-changing for me.

  • Having shyness around sharing and not wanting the spotlight is also a low expression.

  • Not seeing yourself as charismatic.

  • Being pulled away from and disconnected from your passions.

  • When the Sacral response is replaced by the mind's should's or could's, your great personal power will be diffused or misdirected, compromising your health and ability to be an example.

How to Optimally Use the Energy of The Channel of Charisma

This is a busy energy. You’re here to be busy, and you may love to be busy, but the key is doing what you’re satisfied by; not busy for sake of being busy. It's essential to use your Sacral authority to Respond. Following the "yes's" will guide you toward the correct use of your busy energy.

Check in with your gut to know what you’re truly available for and energized by. I like to ask myself: "What is in front of me now? How does my body feel about? Can I trust that response?"

Also evaluate whether you feel satisfied at the end of the day?

With this channel, it’s so essential to have space and time to remain in your own creative flow without disruption. You have so much stamina and power when you can remain in your own flow. So whether it’s at work or at home, it’s healthy to carve out time to be in your flow to create.

You have such a gift for bringing an idea to life quickly as soon as you’re clear it’s the right one. Remember, you’re here to respond (ie: wait for a Sacral response before you go after it) rather than to initiate.

I find these people can be a bit challenged working for others when someone else directs their powerful energy. It can be useful to have people ask you questions and help you connect to your gut, but to not have them tell you what to do.

Gate 34 is all about doing what you love. When you’re doing what you love just because you love it, you create a charismatic energy. Other people may follow you and do the things you do. It’s an energy that may feel like a s…t..r..e…t..c…h at first where you may fight it when you’re younger and wonder, “why am I inspirational? Why do people want to follow me? I’m just trying to do my own thing." It can feel uncomfortable, but you’re here to embrace it and own it, knowing when you do things, it's charismatic and people want to follow you.

Gate 20 keeps you focused in the NOW and supports your capacity to survive as yourself. This energy frequency must be totally absorbed in the present moment - it does not consider the past or the future.

Mantras for the Channel of Charisma

"I am here."

"I matter."

The Channel of Charisma is a powerful channel – don’t underestimate how powerful your energy is when you’re so lit up and excited by what you’re working on.

Do you have The Channel of Charisma 34-20? Let me know how you feel it in your life.

Human Design Appointments

Moving from where you are now to where you want to be requires long-term dedication to learning and experimenting with your human design. I've learned so much through the process of researching, observing myself and others, experimenting, and repeating that cycle over and over.

I believe real growth takes more than one appointment, which is why I offer an initial appointment (90 minutes) with a follow-up appointment (60 minutes).

If you think a one time appointment is more ideal for you, I also offer that option.

Much love,




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Feb 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh my God. Just reading the first paragraph and I am in tears. This is who I am, that I have been running from and unsure of for so long. Thank you.

Kelly Harrington, MS, RD
Feb 18
Replying to

Don't run from this beautiful, special energy. This is empowering energy and it starts with self-empowerment. Notice when you're holding back or blocking your charismatic personality. This awareness is the first step to deconditioning.

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