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What is Human Design?

Human Design helps you understand what makes you unique from everyone else. Known as the Science of Human Differentiation, it’s a mix of mystic, ancient wisdom, and science. I have yet to meet someone whose chart didn’t resonate with them. The personal accuracy is liberating, and some say astonishing!

The Mystic and the Science

Human Design is a synthesis Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, and the natural sciences of Quantum physics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry.

Every person has their own design based on birthdate, birth time, and birth city and state. Exact birth time is essential.

As a logical and practical system, Human Design does not ask you to believe anything. It merely offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment with the mechanics of your human nature in order to find out for yourself exactly what works for you.

Some Benefits of Understanding Your Human Design

Your Human Design body chart gives you very specific information about your natural superpowers, personality traits, life purpose, intuition & instincts, how you process emotions, and how your body handles mental and physical stress and pressure.

The most impactful things about learning your unique design is learning how you’re designed to make aligned decisions and what that FEELS like energetically in your body. Leaning how to make aligned decisions will bring the most ease and magnetism into your life on a daily basis, and help you create a life in alignment with who you truly are.

Human Design can also show potential fears, anxieties, and areas in your life you may be operating from a low expression opposed to a high expression. It helps with deconditioning "stuff" that isn't yours, but you have picked up throughout life.

There are so many things your chart can tell you, but it always comes back to one thing – the same thing – follow your Strategy and Authority.

What Human Design is Not

Human Design is not your destiny, your identity, or your only truth. Anything you feel is possible, is possible. There's no such thing as "this is exactly what's going to happen." You are a sovereign being and the expression of yourself can show up in shadow or highest expression, and in many different combinations.

You get to bring your design to life, and you have to learn to feel into what’s true for you. If it resonates, experiment with it. If it doesn’t, set it off to the side.

3 Things I Love About Human Design

#1: Decision Making from the Body vs the Mind

The best thing about Human Design (imo) is learning about your Authority, which tells you how you’re designed to make decisions. There are seven different possible Authorities, which you can find by looking up your human design chart.

Your decision-making Authority always comes from within your body. It might be a gut feeling, it might come from your intuition, it might mean talking it out to hear your truth - it depends on your unique Authority. The point being, with a lot of practice, tuning in, and trust, the body's response is an extremely reliable guide. In fact, if you go against the body's desires for too long, it will show you that you're off in many ways, such as physical pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

So if the body is your decision-making authority, what about your mind - the logical side that likes the pros and cons list? The mind is amazing for analyzing, forming opinions, thinking, speculating, questioning, contemplating, etc. – there’s no denying that! It’s just not where we make decisions. Rarely is this something we’re taught growing up, but allowing the mind to take over can create anxiety, stress, confusion, disconnect, paralysis, and worry. For as long as we’re listening to the mind, we’ll never feel we can completely trust ourselves to make the right decisions.

#2: Deconditioning with Human Design

One huge advantage of Human Design is recognizing where you may be conditioned in your thoughts or behaviors.

The process of deconditioning is letting go of and clearing who you are not, and coming back home to who you are. This starts with awareness and the more awareness you can have of your true, authentic self, the more you will realize “oh, this thing I’m feeling or holding onto or doing is not my true self.” Just that awareness in your consciousness alone can create fast de-conditioning.

Getting to know your human design chart and integrating the information into your life and observing how it plays out in your life is where to start. The more you know about yourself, the more easily the deconditioning and healing can happen.

Human Design can help you differentiate between the energy you create versus the energy you absorb from the world around you. This is great knowledge because often where we run into problems is when we begin to confuse what we experience from the outside world through our openness (which isn’t us) with our true self (the consistent parts).

Your chart can address places of healing that would take years of therapy so overall, learning your Human Design is a great way to start de-conditioning.

#3: Awareness with Human Design

Human Design has put words to so many energetics I have always felt. Giving something words and bringing it into consciousness is extremely empowering. Human Design isn’t about changing yourself. Rather, it’s like a new perspective so you can see the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are! It gives you the tools to understand your gifts, your wisdom, your drive, and your vulnerabilities, which feels SO GOOD! It will feel like you are set free from old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and doing.

With this fresh perspective of yourself, you can make choices about your life that are in alignment with your true nature, which brings more ease and moves you into your highest potential.

Look up Your Human Design Chart

Look up your Human Design chart through Jovian Archive. When you see your chart, it will be confusing, and you will want answers. There are a ton of resources online, and if you’re interested in a reading to pull all your information together, let me know. I love giving readings for people, especially women and children!

Human Design Appointments

Moving from where you are now to where you want to be requires long-term dedication to learning and experimenting with your human design. I've learned so much through the process of researching, observing myself and others, experimenting, and repeating that cycle over and over.

I believe real growth takes more than one appointment, which is why I offer an initial appointment (90 minutes) with a follow-up appointment (60 minutes).

If you think a one time appointment is more ideal for you, I also offer that option.

With love,

Kelly xo


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