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For Better Health, Determine What Lights You Up

Generators and Manifesting Generators: For Better Health, Determine What Lights You Up

Many clients I work with come to me asking for help with weight loss. I get it. Looking better physically is something our society places a TON of emphasis on. Too much, if you ask me.

Here's a reminder, and something I focus on....if you think losing weight to physically look better is going to make your current life more fulfilling...unfortunately, you're missing the point.

We have to start with elevating and working on your mental and emotional self, particularly when it comes to thoughts and behaviors surrounding food. It's about having trust, confidence, awareness, and BELIEF in your mind and body.

If your mindset and beliefs aren't in the right place, you're going to continue struggling through the weight loss diet cycle.

Why do you think there are so many stories of dieters to reach their goal weight and feel amazing, but gain it all back and sometimes more. I don't want you to be another statistic so we do work below the surface. This is what it means in Functional Nutrition to "get to the root" of weight loss.

Research shows when you feel good mentally and emotionally, this impacts your physical health too! Most of us don't need science to tell us this because we can feel it.

I use Human Design to help bring my clients more ease, fulfillment and happiness into their lives, and this always trickles into their food choices, energy levels, eating habits, and often times their weight loss efforts.

Here's where to start to determine what lights you up in your daily activities and life:

Do More of What You Love, When You Want

In Human Design, I am a Manifesting Generator. A Manifesting Generator is meant to have many interests, and to follow the passions you feel energized by at that moment, even if it seems like you're bouncing around from thing to thing. I am meant to lean into play and happiness and doing this creates more energy to continue.

When I found out I was a Manifesting Generator, I knew I had to shift my day to do more of the things I love. When I did, I immediately felt a shift in my energy. It helped create more success, ease, and satisfaction in my life.

What did I do to create that shift? I made two lists and made a conscious effort to shift based on my findings on my lists.

I believe all the Human Design Types will benefit from this activity of determining what lights you up.

Make a List of What Lights You Up

The first thing I did was take inventory and asked myself, “What Are the Things in Everyday Life That Excite Me?” Write down your list.

Ask yourself these questions to help make your list:

  • What situations, people, activities make me respond, “Heck yes!” I will feel like an energy boost, or the body feels expansive about the thing.

  • What makes me genuinely happy?

  • Who do I love spending time with? Who makes me feel alive and happy?

  • What do I spend hours googling or wanting to learn more about?

  • What situations make me feel like time flies because I’m so into it? What could I spend hours doing?

  • What do people come to me for?

Luckily, my list was long! It included things like dancing, hiking with friends and family, doing yoga, cats/kittens, drinking bulletproof coffee, making matcha lattes, researching topics I’m interested in, new traveling adventures, the beach, being in nature, listening to music, talking about nutrition, being with my friends, reaching out to friends and family when I think about them, learning about human design, journaling, and the list goes on.

Get really micro with your list and add to the list as ideas come to you. For example, WHY do I like talking about nutrition? It's a topic I really love studying. Once I learn something related to nutrition, I enjoy talking to people about what I learned. I like to help people have optimal health so they feel well. GO DEEPER...I like to help people create organization in their daily "system" that will support new habits and thought patterns. GO DEEPER...I want them to feel empowered by their nutrition decisions rather than stuck. GO DEEPER...I love empowering people - that's what lights me up. Call it ironic, but Empowerment is a huge theme in my Human Design chart :)

Make a List of What Sucks the Energy Out of You

The other list I made was: “What Are the Things in Everyday Life that Suck the Energy out of me?”

Ask yourself these questions to help make your list:

  • What are the things you do daily or weekly that make you feel bored, drained, exhausted, or “turned off?"

  • Think about things you have a difficult time finding the energy for.

For me, this included things like having unprepared dinner plans, too much TV time at night, doing the dishes, house cleaning, watching a movie, sitting too long, packing school lunches, making afterschool snacks.

Next Step...

From here, make a point to remove just one thing daily from the “energy-sucking” list. Even if you create only 15 minutes of spare time to do what you want, that's OK!

For me, the first to go from my draining list was TV time at night. I didn't really enjoy it, especially for hours every night. I was doing it because my husband enjoys it. So instead, I found friends to walk with, things to read, activities I loved, etc. and it made a HUGE difference in my degree of satisfaction.

The lists brought awareness to the things I was putting energy toward that drained me, and how often I was doing that. As a Manifesting Generator, when I’m sucked into things that drain me, I quickly start feeling frustrated, bitter, and have zero energy to put toward the thing I don’t want to do. It’s not a good feeling.

What if You Don't Know What Lights You Up?

I think it can be really helpful to think back to your childhood (like ages 7-14).

  • What did you spend your time doing as a kid?

  • What were you drawn to read or do, as both indoor and outdoor activities?

  • What did you and your siblings do for fun?

  • What are some of your favorite memories?

These things can be good clues for what you're drawn to as an adult. My husband loved "messing" with his parent's computer as a younger boy -- updating the hardware, looking at the backend coding, etc. He is now a software engineer. I loved being the teacher and coach with my younger siblings and their friends. I now teach nutrition and human design.

It’s a feeling. Once you have felt that feeling of joy and vitality and connection, then you will start to more easily notice other things that light you up. Look for the feeling even in the seemingly small things in your day, such as your favorite matcha latte from your favorite coffee shop.

Take-home Message: Doing more of the things I truly love is like the magic wand that makes my life so much more in flow and more magnetic. Doing less of the things that drain me or always serving other people will create space for transitions in life and real “YES’s!” to come my way.

Curious about your Human Design chart? Get a free chart at Jovian Archive, and your exact birth time is important for accuracy. Here are just some of the major discoveries I've had about myself as a 4/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator.

If you want to change your nutrition and health, plus see how your Human Design may be influencing your health, book a free discovery call with me.

-Kelly xo

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Aug 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you so much!! just the tool I needed. Really helped me gain clarity on what lights me up & what is draining my energy.

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