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100% Virtual

Human Design Reading + Follow Up

A 90 minute initial appointment with a 1 hour follow up. The ideal way to benefit from human design.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars


This option start with a 90 minute initial appointment. Your one hour follow-up appointment can be at any time after the initial appointment (you choose). We will book the follow-up with Kelly. Having a follow-up keeps the momentum going, and allows you to explore your chart even more deeply. In my experience, the ideal way to benefit from human design is to first learn about your unique design, and then go experiment in real life. As you go about your day, you start to feel the gifts, and you may even start to notice where you're blocked. You start to build awareness about how your energy operates. This part is crucial for unlocking the most potential and allowing more deconditioning. The magic of Human Design happens when you can feel your energetic gifts in real life! This reading is done via Zoom and is recorded so you can be present during our session. I send you the audio recording so you can listen back at any time. I am trained as a Human Design reader through DayLuna Human Design and currently a student at the Human Design College.

Cancellation Policy

To provide you with the best experience, I kindly request a three day gap between booking and the actual reading. This allows me to prepare thoroughly to serve you better. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to our session.

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