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The Sensing Abstract Circuitry and Nutrition (Format Channel 53-42)

nutrition sensing abstract format channel 53-42

The Format Channels

The three channels that run between the root and sacral are called format energy. The energy coming from these channels influences the entire chart! The three channels include channel 53-42, channel 3-60, and channel 52-9.

The energy from each of these three channels is continuous and runs all the way up the body graph through their respective circuitry, and for this reason, each channel influences and conditions the way the body functions. Each channel brings a specific kind of frequency or structure to the way the energy impacts the rest of the energetic body.

If you, or someone you know, have one of these three channels in your human design chart, it means you have a defined Root Center and a defined Sacral Center. It will be helpful to get very familiar with the high and low expression and overall frequency of whichever channel you have.

Characteristics of the Three Format Channels

  • Each format channel brings a certain structure to the way the energy works in the body.

  • If you have one of these channels defined, it conditions the way the rest of the characteristics in your body operates.

  • According to Ra, these three format channels are the only gates with the potential for melancholy and depression in the body graph. Even though they carry a lot of potential for melancholy or depression, if you’re living in alignment to your design, this energy is not going to bother you because it’s actually the not-self that gets depressed.

  • Responding and following your Authority will guide this energy properly.

Format Channel 53-42: The Channel of Maturation

Circuitry: Sensing (Abstract); Collective

Keynote: Sharing. Collective Circuitry is all about learning, experiencing, and sharing what is learned, experienced, and known.

Format Energy: Abstract

Frequency: Progressive from one phase to another (a beginning, a middle, an end). Cycles are a massive theme in someone's life.

The energy of channel 53-42 is a progressive frequency about beginnings, middles, and ends. Everything you’re involved in is going to have to go through a progressive process. Cycles are the human experiential way of life.

The cyclical energy of channel 53-42 influences everything from relationships, ideas, projects, trends, and even the life cycles of civilizations.

This cyclical process isn’t goal oriented – it’s abstract, so the wisdom and maturation come from life’s experiences. We are all driven and pressured to seek new experiences, as this is how we gain our depth. People with this channel are very gifted at reflecting on their depth and translating their experience into information for others.

Gate 53: Gate of Beginnings (Root Center)

Gate 53 is the fuel and pressure to begin something new, which starts the cyclical process of maturing something from conception to completion. If you only have gate 53 (and not 42), you are a great starter and you’re not necessarily designed to finish things or see things through to completion; be successful at starting things and let someone else finish. The low expression is feeling frustrated because you think you “should” finish everything you start.

The high expression is being able to appropriately discharge the pressure to complete the thing, take what you learned from the experience, and enjoy sharing that wisdom with others.

Gate 42: Gate of Growth (Sacral Center)

Gate 42 is the tenacity to stay with a cycle to maximize its inherent potential and see it through to completion. Each cycle you enter learns from and builds on the lessons and experiences from the last. This creates a foundation for future progress and success. When I cycle is coming to completion, you’re skilled at determining what is needed to bring it to a conclusion.

With this energy of completion, before you can begin a new cycle, the former cycle must be brought to its natural end, or what was left unfinished or incomplete will have to be revisited in the new one. If you only have gate 42 (and not 53), you don’t have the Root motor “spark” to initiate the process, you may lack the staying power to complete the process, and you can feel frustrated trying to start things that never really get going.

The Natural Pause Between Cycles for Channel 53-42

After a cycle ends and before a new one begins, there’s a natural pause that occurs to allow time to reflect. The pause is necessary in order to enter the next cycle in an elevated, improved state. It is during this pause that people can feel antsy and start to feel bluesy or depressed, as if life isn’t progressing. The reflection part is very important here! Give yourself that time to pause and recuperate as you physically and mentally prepare for the next cycle to begin.

Everything in your life will be structured this way. The beginning, middle, and end may be a short process in some cases or a long process in others. In most instances, you will feel complete when you finish things and see things through to completion.

Channels in the Sensing Abstract Circuit

53-42: Channel of Maturation

29-46: Channel of Discovery

13-33: Channel of The Prodigal

41-30: Channel of Recognition

36-35: Channel of Transitoriness

64-47: Channel of Abstraction

11-56: Channel of Curiosity

Dietary Fats and Fiber in the Sensing Abstract Circuitry

I have been a registered dietitian for 22 years, so I will give you my insights, but I recommend experimenting with this nutrition information in your daily life to see how it makes you feel. Pay attention to what your body "says" (not your mind).

All gates and channels in the abstract sensing circuitry are associated with dietary fats and dietary fiber.

Dietary fat takes hours to be digested so it provides the body with long-lasting energy, and has zero impact on the blood sugar which is great for promoting stability. Fat provides a concentrated source of energy that is necessary for the body to carry out its various functions, including growth and development.

Essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA), are crucial for the growth and development of the brain and the nervous system.

Fats are needed to produce hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which support growth and development.

Fat is necessary to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are vital for growth and development in a variety of ways (bones, eyes, immunity, circulation).

High fiber foods take time to break down in the stomach and digestive tract, and also creates a more desirable slow rise in blood sugar levels. Blood sugar stability is important for maintaining energy levels and overall metabolic health. Growth cycles require sustained energy.

Fiber feeds the gut microbiome, which promotes growth of healthy bacteria. These bacteria directly influence your daily life and are crucial for overall health and longevity.

Fiber also helps promote a feeling of fullness and satiety after eating, which can help prevent overeating and support a healthy body weight. This is crucial for maintaining your overall health and well-being, which in turn can support optimal growth and development.

Both fat and dietary fiber promote stable, longer lasting energy levels. The progressive energy of 53-42 takes time to complete a cycle - some cycles lasting years - so it makes sense the macronutrients associated with it also takes time to break down, digest, and absorb into the body at a cellular level.

Examples of Healthy Dietary Fats

Choose your fats and oils carefully. Once you find a fat you enjoy and that works for your digestion, you may enjoy eating it by the spoonful by itself. I have gates 30, 42, and 29 defined in my human design chart, and I've felt a lot of benefits from taking 1 Tbsp fish oil off the spoon every morning upon waking up.

healthy fats format channel 53-42

Examples of High Fiber Foods

Digesting fiber always requires fluids to enhance movement of the fiber through the digestive tract. As you increase fiber, also increase fluid intake.

fiber format channel 53-42

Strategy and Authority

Someone with this channel defined is either a Generator or a Manifesting Generator. Your Strategy is to Respond and your Authority is either Sacral or Emotional.

It’s crucial you follow your Strategy and Authority in order to enter into aligned commitments. Be so intentional about what you emerge yourself into. This will ensure you are able to properly commit your energy which will maximize your own ‘satisfaction’ potential and create so much more space for other aligned things to come into your life.

Information About the Other Two Format Channels

If you’re interested in reading about the other two format channels, go here for Format Channel 52-9 in Logic Circuitry and go here for Format Channel 3-60 in Individual Circuitry.

Do you have channel 53-42 in your chart? What is your experience with how this energy impacts your daily life?

  • Have you made any connections between eating a diet high in fiber and fat and having "staying power" to complete a cycle process?

  • How do you feel when you eat adequate fat versus a low fat diet?

  • Do you feel better when you supplement EPA and DHA, or a plant-based essential oil such as Flaxseed oil or Evening Primrose oil?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

If you're inclined, follow me on Instagram for nutrition and human design content.

Thanks for reading!

Kelly xo

Human Design Reading Options


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  2. Ra Uru Hu and Lynda Bunnell. The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation. April 2020.

  3. Information from Martin Grassinger, a naturopathic practitioner who trained with Ra to develop the 'Rave Biology.'


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