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The Individual Knowing Circuitry and Nutrition (Format Channel 3-60)

The Format Channels and Gates

The three channels that run between the root and sacral are called format energy. The energy coming from these channels influences the entire chart! The three channels include channel 53-42, channel 3-60, and channel 52-9.

The energy from each of these three channels is continuous and runs all the way up the body graph through their respective circuitry, and for this reason, each channel influences and conditions the way the body functions. Each channel brings a specific kind of frequency or structure to the way the energy impacts the rest of the energetic body.

If you, or someone you know, have one of these three channels in your human design chart, it means you have a defined Root Center and a defined Sacral Center. It will be helpful to get very familiar with the high and low expression and overall frequency of whichever channel you have.

Characteristics of the Three Format Channels

  • Each format channel brings a certain structure to the way the energy works in the body.

  • These channel condition the way the rest of the characteristics in your body operates.

  • According to Ra, these three format channels are the only gates with the potential for melancholy and depression in the body graph. Even though they carry a lot of potential for melancholy or depression, if you’re living in alignment to your design, this energy is not going to bother you because it’s actually the not-self that gets depressed.

  • Responding and following your Authority will guide this energy properly.

Format Channel 3-60: the Channel of Mutation

Circuitry: Knowing; Individual

Keynote: Empowerment

Format Energy: a Pulse frequency

Frequency: Pulsing off and on, fueled by adrenalized energy

Channel 60-3 is a pulse energy, which means the individual knowing comes and goes; the mutation is either there or it isn’t. The pulse can’t be controlled or anticipated. The energy fluctuates between initiating or being in a pause state.

This format channel is always waiting for something to happen; waiting for the pulse; waiting for the moment of the mutation to take place. During this time of waiting, it’s an indecisive energy. However, the moment the adrenalized pulse happens, you can suddenly make a decision, be correct, and be clear about something.

Channel 3-60 and Individual Empowerment

People with this individual format channel are meant to live as their unique, individual self. They’re an individual example of uniqueness, which empowers others to also live as themselves. This can be a vulnerable, truly personal, path and oftentimes individuals will never know they have empowered someone else.

Gate 60: Gate of Acceptance (Root Center)

Gate 60 is the energy to transcend limitations, and to have acceptance when in the pause. In gate 60, the Root Center fuels restraint. This allows the pressure to build and build in preparation for a creative mutation.

There are a couple ways melancholy can occur in this channel. Frist, if those with gate 60 become impatient with the unpredictable mutative process, the melancholy can deepen and become chronic depression. Second, gate 3 gives order to the new mutation, so without gate 3, gate 60 can feel stuck in the old limitations which leads to restlessness, and that creates melancholy.

Gate 3: the Gate of Ordering (Sacral Center)

Gate 3 is gifted at helping reorder a situation to find a new perspective. You are innovative and this energy is always reaching for what’s new and potentially viable. It represents the mutation, and waiting for the right moment for something mutative to happen can feel like forever. You will need patience to accept gate 60’s on-off creative bursts of energy, and the unknown timing of its pulsing energy.

Someone with a hanging gate 3 can experience melancholy and even depression when you feel there is no energy fueling your potential to bring change.

Channels in The Individual Knowing Circuitry

3-60: Channel of Mutation

14-2: Channel of Beat

1-8: Channel of Inspiration

61-24: Channel of Awareness

43-23: Channel of Structuring

38-28: Channel of Struggle

57-20: Channel of The Brain Wave

39-55: Channel of Emoting

22-12: Channel of Openness

Sugar & Fast-Burning Carbohydrates and The Individual Knowing Circuitry

I have been a registered dietitian for 22 years, so I will give you my insights, but I highly recommend experimenting with this nutrition information in your own life to see how it feels for you.

The food type associated with individual circuitry is sugar and fast burning carbohydrates.

This channel is fueled by adrenaline. Adrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands, which is the biology of the Root Center. Adrenaline uses glucose as its primary fuel source. Glucose comes from carbohydrates in your diet.

When the pulse of channel 3-60 turns on, adrenaline kicks in, and it requires glucose (aka: carbohydrates). Glucose is used to fuel the brain, nervous system, and muscles in order to take powerful action to bring about transformation and change in the World.

Sugar and Health

Sugar and fast burning carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately. They don't contain fiber and are often low in protein and fat (ie: white rice, white bread, white pasta). Therefore, sugar and fast burning carbs are able to quickly fuel muscles and brain cells with glucose. If the muscle cells are at full glucose capacity, the calories are converted and stored as body fat.

Even though sugar and other fast burning carbs remedy a blood sugar low (hypoglycemia), they immediately spike blood sugar which sets off a cascade of less-than-ideal hormonal reactions in the body.

The blood sugar high often causes a crash back down to a blood sugar low, creating a vicious cycle of blood sugar highs and lows, which I refer to as the rollercoaster effect. This state is metabolically unstable, very inflammatory, causes hormonal imbalances, creates a lot of stress on the body, and negatively impacts cognition.

I find the association between the Individual circuitry and sugar interesting. A ton of research strongly suggests that promoting blood sugar stability is the primary way to promote health and well-being. In addition, decades of research shows eating a diet high in sugar & refined carbohydrates may lead to chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

A Dietitian's Questions about Sugar and Individual Circuitry

Considering the research, I have a lot of questions about the association between sugar and Individual circuitry in human design.

  • Does someone with individual circuitry desire sugar (or other foods that provide a quick energy boost) more often than someone with less or no individual circuitry?

  • Does someone with more individual circuitry experience more sugar cravings or have a tendency to more easily become addicted to sugar?

  • Is eating sugar or fast-burning carbohydrates necessary for someone with this circuitry or does the drive to eat these foods come from something else associated with Individual circuitry, such as the highs and lows of emotions or the off and on of the Root energy?

  • Channels 39-55 and 22-12 are also within the individual circuitry. These are moody emotional waves with high highs and low lows. Is sugar being used to “achieve” a certain mood, especially a high mood?

  • Would eating according to your PHS diet and environment reduce the health implications of sugar on the body?

  • This circuitry is a pulse. Does someone with this circuitry notice they desire more sugar or fast burning carbs depending on whether the pulse energy is off or on?

The Individual Knowing Circuitry in an Undefined Center

Gates in the individual circuitry in an undefined center are able to feel the energy of this circuitry, albeit inconsistent. You may notice the impact of this circuitry more during specific transits. For example, if you have gate 3 in an undefined Sacral Center, during the gate 60 transit, you will create the energy of the full channel with a defined Root and defined Sacral. That boost of energy may make this circuitry more obvious.

You may notice your blood sugar levels rise up or down depending on who is in your aura. The amplification within an undefined center is very individual and inconsistent. You may crave more sweets one moment and less another depending on who you're around or the environment you're in.

Channel 3-60 and its Impact on Your Human Design Chart

This energy exerts a powerful influence on your entire body graph and all the other gates and channels you have defined within the individual circuitry. The individual circuitry has melancholy. Melancholy isn’t depression. To suffer from depression is something different.

In addition, this energy conditions or deeply affects everyone around them.

The Melancholy “Ups” and “Downs” of Channel 3-60

Melancholy is a chemistry that is always moving through the individual circuitry much in the way the emotional process functions through the chemistry of the emotional wave. In both cases, the mind is not in control of the ups and downs of this energy.

The “up” energy of channel 3-60 is creativity and mutation, change happening, bringing forth something original and new, and the sense of “I know.” The “down” energy can feel melancholic and empty, and a sense of not knowing. It feels like an energetic space or void between whatever has been dying and before something new is emerging. In the “down” you may have a sense of sadness that you can’t quite put your finger on or explain.

According to Ra, melancholy is something we need otherwise we can’t dive deep into creating something that’s worthwhile. Some of the greatest poetry, art, and love songs come from someone who has just come out of a melancholic state. There’s a deep richness inside of it. Impulse equals life. If no impulse, it can feel like death, but you’re still breathing and alive.

Ra recommends making sure you’re in the best state of well-being when you are in a melancholic state in order to stay health and vital. When you’re so sad, listen to the saddest music you can find, take a bath, light some candles, and really soak up the melancholy. This helps the system move through it. After a while, you won’t want to listen to the sad music anymore. The energy has shifted and is changing direction – mutation – and then you ask, “what’s next?”

The key to living with this melancholic process is to avoid trying to reason it away or “fix” it. It’s more effective to be present with your creative process and remain patient and alert as you wait for the new mutation to arrive through you. When the pulse mutation is off, spend time alone with your creative muse to deepen and enrich your inner journey. Aligned melancholy is a superpower!

Information About the Other Two Format Channels

If you’re interested in reading about the other two format channels, go here for Format Channel 52-9 in Understanding Logic Circuitry and go here for Format Channel 53-43 in Sensing Abstract Circuitry.

Please leave me a comment about your experience with channel 3-60. Have you noticed a connection between Individual circuitry and desiring to eat sugar or fast-burning carbohydrates?

Please leave me a comment, and thanks for reading!

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


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  3. Information from Martin Grassinger, a naturopathic practitioner who trained with Ra to develop the 'Rave Biology.'


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Dec 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, I am a MG 1/3 with a defined 60/ 3 gate. I've been doing lots of research and experimentation into nutrition and what works for me. My body and brain needs carbs and craves sugar, but not all carbs and sugars are equal. I've been on that sugar roller-coaster that many times, I know the worst offenders eg Alcohol. So my goal now is to listen to my body, and give it what it needs in a more balanced way.

Kelly Harrington, MS, RD
Dec 15, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree not all carbs are the same, and it's great you can experiment with your 3 line to determine which specific carbs make you feel good and which ones don't. I also think eating them in combination with protein and healthy fats is critical for stabilizing blood sugar.


Jul 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have undefined Root center with gate 60,and not gate 3. I am emo Mani 3/5 Rax of consciousness. When transit of gate 3 starts I feel the melancholy. Before I learned what this Channel is I was getting into depression. I was trying to find why am I feeling depressed,what triggered me, and in this way I was just worsening my depression. As I learned what this channeI is, I accept it and live it as it is. I feel much better, positive when I realised that every time I get the transit I am going to change for better. Change , mutation. Alway to be better.

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