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Nutrition & Adrenal Health with Gate 39 in Human Design

human design gate 39 nutrition adrenal health

I'm VERY familiar with gate 39's energy because it's my conscious Sun sign and Life's Work! Your Sun sign is one of the most powerful energies in your chart. This energy is a big part of your life purpose and what you're here to do in this lifetime. It's the quality you are here to express and a primary way you shine your light into the world!

With gate 39 as my Sun sign, my Incarnation Cross is the Cross of Provocation. My life's work is to inspire, encourage, and provoke others into becoming their highest potential. From the words of Shayna and Dana at DayLuna regarding my life purpose:

"Kelly has a naturally caring, loving, and capable energy that wants to better the world around her. With her powerful intuition, she has an ability to interact with others and immediately sense their talent and purpose. She is here to hone her impactful, direct approach to help bring awareness to others and inspire them to use their gifts in a big way."

Considering gate 39 comes from the Root Center, this provoking energy can be your best friend or your biggest enemy :) Associated with the adrenal glands, those with gate 39 are prone to adrenal burnout. If you also have gate 38 (which is gate 39's programming partner), than double down on supporting the adrenal glands!

About Gate 39

human design gate 39 adrenals

Name: The Gate of Provocation

Center: Root

Root Center Physiology: Adrenal glands

Gate Physiology: Left Adrenal Gland (Adrenaline)

Circuitry: Individual

Gene Key Shadow: Provocation

Gene Key Gift: Dynamism

Gene Key Siddhi: Liberation

Archetype: the Liberator

Gate 39's Inherent Energetic Traits

Gate 39 is the Gate of Provocation. It's about provoking, having a sharp power of judgment, and being straightforward with the potential to be emotionally triggering, but ultimately creates the necessary change for others and yourself to evolve.

Provoking can have a negative reputation, but when provoking people comes from a place of love, it is amazing for liberating people to be free from their wounds or things holding them back. Gate 39 is the ultimate shadow buster!

Gate 39's Gift and Siddhi

The 39's shadow is Provocation. The gift is Dynamism. The siddhi is Liberation.

The 39 demonstrates liberation through love. It's a champion of love. The high expression likes to have heart-felt conversations in order to dig into a deeper layer of being. The 39 is ready to provoke to create a reaction when it knows there is a possibility to crack the hard shell that humans tend to have around their heart. It's a thrill when a provoke is able to help someone to ditch their old, oppressed thoughts and feel free from old wounds or limiting beliefs. Liberating a new possibility from within a person's depth is the ultimate gift.

If you have gate 39, you’re a jump-starter. When people are around you, you’re able to provoke them into seeing a new way of thinking, raising their vibration, and being better. You are here to provoke others to raise their emotional consciousness to become more elevated.

Someone with gate 39 can have a tendency to "protect" themselves from the hurt felt in the past, which means you're ultimately blocking yourself from love and transformation.

Gate 39's Shadow

The 39's shadow of provocation can show up when it doesn't come from strategy and authority and provokes simple for the sake of getting a "rise" or "reaction." When used in this way, the provoke will impact someone, and it's typically not from a place of love and received negatively.

I've heard the provokes called "caddy" and the energy can feel like you want to call people on their bullshit. People don't like to be called on their b.s. but the key to provoking is the right people at the right time. Following your strategy and authority is crucial. This is also a projected channel, so waiting for the invitation is always ideal.

In my real life example, I see myself blocking the 39's gift of dynamism and liberation because of my conditioned undefined solar plexus. There's a fear of provoking because I know it could stir emotions in the other person and create backlash, which my solar plexus will have to feel and confront. My profile 4 line (4/1) also plays a role here because there's a fear of provoking and upsetting someone, which stems from the 4-line not wanting to be rejected.

Gate 39, the Root Center, and Adrenal Health

The physiology of both the Root Center and gate 39 correlates to the adrenal glands, cortisol, adrenaline, and endorphins. The Root Center is both a motor and a pressure center, and it is the energy for anything we do in this life. The pressure happens because it’s the Root's way of moving energy (via cortisol and adrenaline) toward the throat so we can bring our genius out into the world!

The Root energy is fuel for progress, for getting through challenges, and for adapting and evolving. It's also where we can burn out if we're not careful, pushing ourselves too hard, allowing ourselves to turn the pressure inward and internalize the stress.

Whether gate 39 is in an undefined or defined Root center, being alone and releasing the not-self energy from the Root can help to ease pressure when you feel overwhelmed or when you feel like you're in the lowest expression of this gate, which would be provoking unhappiness out of others because you are unhappy. What do you not want to acknowledge as you?

If you want a lot more detail about the function of the Root Center, read this article called, The Human Design Root Center and the Adrenal Glands.

Nutrition to Support the Adrenal Glands

I am going to direct you to 7 NUTRIENTS FOR THE ADRENAL GLANDS for all the details about adrenal fatigue and nutrition to support healthy adrenal function. Here are the seven nutrients, and the other article goes into detail about each one. Enjoy!








Human Design pairs seamlessly with Health and Nutrition, and I have found it extremely helpful for merging well-being with mind, body, and spirit!

Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you, so feel free to leave me a question or comment.


Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN


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