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Gate 38 and Gate 39 in an Undefined Root Center


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When it comes to undefined centers, these are the areas that allow us to learn some of our biggest life lessons. We are meant to become WISE in the undefined centers. How do we do this? Well, we take in and amplify the energy of another person from their center. When you sense that person's specific center in an amplified way, this allows you to pick up on how the person is using their energy from that center and the type of vibration the person is putting out of that center.

As you sample a variety of people over time, you start to develop a deep understanding of how to make the most of that center's abilities and strengths. So, it's extremely helpful to understand the essence of your undefined centers.

Hanging Gates 38 and 39 in an Undefined Root Center

If you have gates 38 and 39 in an Undefined Root Center, this is a "hanging" gate. This means you have this gate activated but it's "hanging out" and waiting for the other end to plug into.

A hanging gate from an undefined center is considered dormant. This means it's not "on" when you're in your own aura, so you don’t consistently experience the energy of these gates.


Three Circumstances that Activate an Undefined Center

There are three ways the energy of gates 38 and 39 can "turn on" when they're in an undefined Root Center.

#1: You will experience the qualities of these gates kick on when you get into the aura of someone who has a defined Root Center. This Root definition is temporary until you leave the aura of the person with the defined Root.

#2: You will experience the qualities of these gates when the transits either create a defined Root Center or when gates 28 or 55 are active in the transits.

#3: You will experience the qualities of these gates when you're in aura with someone who has gate 28 or gate 55.

Note: if you're around someone who has the full channel (28-38 or 39-55), and you only have the gate, this is called a compromise. This creates a sort of pull/push energy, making the person with the channel pull you into their energy.

Undefined Root Center Amplification

When gates 38 and 39 are in an undefined Root Center, at times these energies can feel amplified. You might observe and feel the essence of these gates being expressed in a big, noticeable way. However, you will experience these feelings inconsistently, which can make them feel confusing or triggering to you.

Being alone and releasing the not self energy from the Root Center can help to relieve this pressure when it is feeling overwhelming, or when you feel like you’re in the lowest expressions of these gates, which would be picking fights or provoking unhappiness out of others because you are unhappy.

I want to call out the 39, and when it either connects with gate 55 or is compromised by someone who has the full channel 39-55, from my experience it can feel intense. I definitely feel the amplified provoking spirit and it feels out of control.

Undefined Root and Adrenal Health

The Root Center's physiology is the Adrenal Glands. Due to the ability to take in and amplify stress and pressure to-do, you are especially susceptible to overtaxing the adrenal glands. I recommend giving them extra attention through proper nutrition! Here are 7 excellent nutrients that support adrenal health and recovery. In addition, don't forget about sleep and managing stress effectively on a daily basis. Both of these lifestyle factors are absolutely essential for keeping your adrenals healthy.

Harmonic Gates 28 and 55

The powerful Root energy of gates 38 and 39 are reaching toward the gates at the other end of the channels, so in this case that is gate 28 and gate 55. Those are the gates your energy is seeking, to make it feel more complete, since all energy from the Root Center is being pressurized to try to reach the Throat to be expressed.

Gate 28 in the Splenic Center “brings the awareness of whether struggle is appropriate, or not, and discerns what has value and is therefore worth fighting for.” Since you do not have gate 28, when your energy is defined, it's searching for clarity around what is worth fighting for. You might feel like you are lacking this splenic awareness, which can also make gate 38 feel more difficult.

Gate 55 is in the Solar Plexus Center and is the gate of awareness of spirit. It has the theme of helping to release the Root Center pressure through emotional expression. “Without the 55th gate's ability to release emotions, root center pressure may provoke you into excesses.” This feels to me like overworking as a way to release energy coming in from an outside source. It can feel uncomfortable to you because the energy isn’t yours to begin with, and it can feel invasive, especially when you release it through fighting or provoking, which you wouldn’t be doing in the first place if you weren’t being defined by some outside force.

The Gift of the Undefined Root

The great news is, you can also work with this pressure. The gift of the undefined center is that you can use it to help others, so looking for ways to find the highest expression will help you feel less burdened. You are here to use this energy for good, to help others find what is worth fighting for, and for provoking others to raise their emotional consciousness to become more elevated.

Do you have gates 38 or 39 (or both) in an Undefined Root? What has your experience been? I would love to hear from you.

Much love,

Kelly xo


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Mar 19

Very new to HD and have both 38 and 39 undefined. Have read your article and honestly, can’t even begin to define what/how I feel. Almost out in the wide open with no purpose/or definition

Kelly Harrington, MS, RD
Apr 07
Replying to

Hi! I'm happy to assist you if you would like more support. From personal experience, gates 38 and 39 can be tricky energies to navigate, especially in an undefined Root because they show up amplified and inconsistently. Warm regards, Kelly

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