Join Me for my...21 Day NO ADDED SUGAR Challenge. Starts February 1, 2022

21 Day No Added Sugar OFFICIAL RULES

No added sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind for 21 days.

This means sweeteners including sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, sugary alcoholic beverages, agave nectar, etc.

Stevia, wine, and unsweetened alcohol are allowed.

No added sugar does NOT include fruit. You will build your meals around a lot of vegetables, fruit, proteins, healthy fats, grains with zero added sugar, and unsweetened beverages.

**Keep in mind, perfection is not the goal here. There are circumstances you can't control, such as the salad dressing at a restaurant. Please don't stress about that.


  • you want to minimize your food cravings.

  • you want to "reset" your taste buds.

  • you want to stop the brain fog.

  • you want to feel better.

  • you want to understand how sugar impacts your health.

  • you want more awareness about what's in the foods you eat and buy daily.

  • you feel "sugar obsessed."

  • you want snack and meal ideas without added sugar.

Get your friends, family, and co-workers on board; make it fun together. This is no easy feat, but I will provide daily support to help you succeed.


  • Expertise and daily messages from myself. I've been a registered dietitian for 21 years, and there's a lot to know about sugar and health!

  • Tips and insight from a recovering sugarholic myself. I feel you!

  • Accountability and support through my daily modules. Everything is virtual.

  • Access to a Group Chat with other challenge members. It's an opportunity to learn, ask questions, share new food findings, and have support.

  • An understanding of how foods impact your blood sugar, which impacts cravings.

  • A new perspective on sugar that will hopefully last well beyond 21 days.

  • Recipe ideas for meals and snacks.

  • An improvement in your health (ie: liver health, heart health, oral health, inflammatory levels, brain health, body weight, blood sugar stability).


You will learn to navigate your life without sugar for 21 days. Your cravings will lessen or disappear, and you will improve your gut microbiome, which directly impacts your overall health, brain health, immunity, and the list goes on.

My hope is your journey doesn't end on day 22. You will gain a ton of insight about your sugar cravings, sources of added sugar, learn new shopping habits, try new recipes, and more! Best of all, you will LOVE the way you feel after 21 days without sugar, brain fog, and inflammation. You won't want to return to your previous eating habits. You can be happy without sugar.

Go here for Sugar Challenge FAQs.


All communication throughout the 21 days will take place in a HIPPA-compliant app for dietitians called Practice Better. It allows me to make my professional recommendations from one secure place. I will send you daily written or video messages. We do not actually "talk" to each other.

Within Practice Better I will host a group chat for participants. You will be able to share ideas, ask questions, and gain support and motivation from other challenge participants and me.

After you join the challenge, you will receive an invitation to join Practice Better and activate your account. Get access to everything from your phone, tablet, or PC any time and anywhere. It's that simple.


Eat no added sugar or artificial sweeteners from February 1st to February 21st.


The cost is $44.

If your gut or intuition is saying "yes" to this, sign up today. If you're not sure, sleep on it or give it a few days and then decide.

Perhaps you need to come to your decision by talking it out with a trusted friend. However you make decisions, you have until 1/31/22 to decide.

Imagine your health and habits improving drastically for only $44?! This is a lesson in awareness and consistency too, which is priceless.