No Sugar Challenge FAQs

Q: Can I eat fruit?

A: Yes! Please do. the naturally occurring sugars in fruit provide a good source of carbohydrates. Fruit also provides fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals that make it different from eating a candy bar. Dried fruit is allowed, too.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?

A: Yes, alcohol is allowed. Some participants may choose to eliminate alcohol for maximum benefit, but you do NOT have to avoid any alcohol without added sugars for the purpose of this challenge. For example, beer, wine, or liquor with club soda is fine; margaritas and whiskey cokes are off limits.

Q: Doesn't bread have added sugar? Can I eat it?

A: Bread often has added sugar. Closely examine the ingredients list for hidden sources of sugar to determine what type of bread is allowed. Some sprouted grain breads do not have added sugar and are a great choice.

Q: I can't drink coffee without added sugar. Help!

A: This challenge is for you! We want to help you rid the need for sugar in food and drinks. if you can't stand black coffee, add a splash of unsweetened milk or almond milk or try this creamer recipe.

Q: I am an endurance athlete. Is it safe for me to participate? What should I take in for nutrition during exercise?

A: Yes, you can participate. Ensure adequate carbohydrate intake by consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains without added sugars regularly throughout the day. For long runs or rides, simple sugars are essential for fueling muscles. While dried fruit and dried fruit leathers may work, they contain fiber, which can mess with your digestion. If you are an endurance athlete, we recommend making an exception for long distance training and continue your current nutrition program, consuming added sugars only during distance training.

Q: I have a really strong sweet tooth. What do I do?

A: This challenge is for you! To start, consume more protein and more healthy fat (avocados, olives, nuts, seeds) and don't skip meals. Reach for fruits any time you want something sweet. Eventually though, your sweet tooth will go away. The less sugar you eat, the less you will want....promise!

Q: Why avoid artificial sweeteners?

A: Eating artificial sugars can trick the body into thinking it is actually eating sugar. This can intensify a person's sugar cravings, making it more difficult for them to stick to a no-sugar diet. For this reason, avoid artificial sugars such as splenda, stevia, equal, nutrasweet, and sweet 'n low.

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