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Fears of the Splenic Center


The Splenic Center is amazing! This center is home to instincts and intuition. It's instantaneous and requires you to be fully present in the moment to "hear." The spleen has primary fears for survival and anything that threatens our well-being (including negative emotional vibrations). The spleen is also a source of our light-heartedness and laughter, and our spontaneity and daring side.

Fear or Focus

FEAR or FOCUS. They are the same coin, different side. When afraid, it’s like you’re panicking and can’t focus. On the other hand, if you live in the present moment and are focused in the NOW, you will be fully aware of your intuition and instincts. Being in this state helps manage imaginary fear that could creep in.

Survival Fear vs Imaginary Fear

Although the Spleen's primal fear instincts will save your life, there is a some point these fears can turn into imaginary or irrational fear and put the brakes on life. Fear can be a debilitating emotion. It holds us back and keeps us stuck. It prevents us from having an impact. It pulls us away from our self-trust.

The imaginary fear is like a "shadow" state, and having awareness of it is a doorway to a higher frequency and to dissolving some of those stagnated shadow states or patterns that are in us.

Gates from the Spleen Center

Each gate coming from the Spleen Center has a fear you're here to transcend. Each time we transcend the fear and don't allow it to get in the way, we build a greater sense of trust and well-being.

Learning about my own Splenic Center fears and high expression has helped me realign with myself when I notice the fear taking hold of me, which then allows me to keep moving forward in life.

For example, I have channel 50-27, and gate 50's fear is the fear of taking on too much responsibility. It feels like fear of not having enough bandwidth in my day which would therefore prevent me from being able to provide for my family and the important people in my life. To help me transcend this fear, I follow my strategy and authority, which is "To Respond" from my Sacral. When something is a "yes" for me, I am now able to observe the imaginary fear but not allow it to hold me back from what I want to do. I've also created a deep knowing around Gate 50 that when I rise, my family rises and I will never take on too much responsibility that will leave them behind.

Transcend Imaginary Fear

Grab your Human Design chart and identify the gates you have from the Spleen. This will help you see what fear may be holding you back. If you don't have your chart, go here to create one (make sure your birth time is exact).

Start recognizing when you notice the imaginary fear happening and work toward moving into the high expression of the gate.

Completely Open Splenic Center

Someone with a completely open splenic center does not have any gates. The instincts are there, but not as consistent. Those with an open spleen can have intuition about other people and can feel if people are really light or heavy, and the heaviness is misalignment.

Those with an open spleen are very empathetic to other's fears, anxiety, health, and instincts. You can feel other people’s fears, when others are being held back by their fears, and if things are toxic or unhealthy. Many great healers have an open or undefined splenic center.

If someone with an open spleen isn't aware of this ability to feel others, it can show up as your own fear, and your own health and toxicity. The key here is to avoid internalizing these fears and health issues as your own. Just the awareness alone can be life changing and freeing. Now you can use it as a source of wisdom and understanding and can "clear" yourself with just your awareness.

Fear and High Expression in the Spleen


Here's a larger PDF view of the chart...

Fears from the Spleen
Download PDF • 44KB

Gate 48: Fear of Inadequacy

Gate 48 is the Gate of Depth. This is an internal intelligence that can't be grasped by the mind and comes from a deep, natural instinct. It's used to bring depth and dimension to a skill and logical, workable solutions to problems. This is amazing for helping recognize, correct, and perfect the world we live in.

The fear of inadequacy creeps in when someone feels they lack developing skills or depth, or feel they won't be able to explain or actualize their solution with enough depth, or when someone realizes they must wait for their depth to be recognized (projected gate) before they can share it.

My 10 y.o. son has gate 48 in the full channel, and he has wonderful problem-solving instincts for skills he is passionate about. For example, he has extensive fort building skills and drawing skills, but these skills have gained depth in the skill level from hours and hours of practice. He can sense when he doesn't have the depth to problem solve, which immediately leads to frustration, his not-self theme, if he can't find a way to solve the problem.

The key to transcend this is to embrace an expectant "knowing" that the correct people will be drawn to you in order to initiate your depth.

Gate 57: Fear of the Future

Gate 57 is the Gate of Intuitive Insight and is the most intuitive gate in the Human Design chart. It operates on an inner sound/vibration level, and it's constantly scanning and screening its environment. To tap into this intuitive knowing you must be consistently grounded in and connected to your body consciousness. If you're connected to gate 57, your intuition will empower your ability to hear what you need in the moment, such as a sense of what's safe, healthy, and good for you and what is not.

To transcend your fear of the future, you must be alert and focused in the now to hear the messages from the Spleen - that little voice that only speaks once and softly - and act on those hunches immediately. When you're listening and paying attention to your intuition now, there is no tomorrow to fear.

Gate 44: Fear of the Past Repeating Itself

Gate 44 is the Gate of Awareness and it has an instinctive memory of past experiences held deep within the cellular memory of the body. Gate 44 is known as the gate of the nose because it can "smell" when something's right or wrong in a literal and a symbolic way. ie: I smell a rat or one client I had could literally smell when someone was sick.

Someone with this gate knows intuitively whether the past is worth repeating or not, based off past successes and failures. There can be a fear of past baggage that might catch up with you. It can also create a reluctance or even inability to move forward in life. This sense of "getting stuck in the past." There can be a manipulation of your memories of the past and twisting the story in order to influence people in a particular direction.

These people also intuitively know who truly belongs with them and who loves them for who they are. Trust in others, such as your friends, is huge here. If you have a lot of distrust or find yourself isolating from people, this is a signpost of the low expression. To transcend this fear of the past repeating itself, you must first trust. You are striving for Teamwork and harmoniously working with others.

What can you learn from the past that can help you now and in the future?

Gate 32: Fear of Failure

Gate 32 is the Gate of Success and is focused on constant evaluation through instinctively recognizing what can and cannot be transformed. Any fear of failure can halt any grand ambition you're capable of.

There's a balance between wanting to transform and evolve and staying conservative with risks. It feels good when things are working successfully, but you also instinctively know life must transform and change, and evolving always comes with a risk of failure.

There can be a fear of personal failure and fear of failing those within your tribe (ie: family, friends, career, etc.) If the fear of failure is stopping you in your tracks, did you follow your strategy and authority? If yes, take a deep breath and push through it. Nothing would ever get done if we let the fear of failure stop us.

Gate 28: Fear of Death

Gate 28 is the Gate of the Game Player. It's the fear of death and the quest for true purpose. Once you face your fears, you will feel a renewed sense of vigor and a deeper surrender to life than ever before. Without this fear, you will realize your life is precious beyond belief and from now on you must give yourself fully to every moment.

Gate 18: Fear of Authority

Gate 18 is the Gate of Correction. Someone with this gate has a great skill of intuitively knowing what needs correcting. It's has great diagnostic insight! This awareness directs you to the source of a weakness or imperfection, and focuses your thinking on ways to correct or modify or replace it. It's your way of cleaning out what isn't healthy, or restoring vitality to something that has been corrupted.

If you experience dissatisfaction in something, chances are it has lost its vitality. It holds the fear of authority, resistance to being told what to do or judged by others, and the fear of perfection. You certainly don't want to turn this correction on yourself or others. This gift is only to be used outwardly on life.

If you feel any internal criticism creeping in, focus on what is right and what is working, not what is wrong. You may be aware of what's wrong and can work to correct it, but you don't need to keep your attention there. Focus on solutions, not problems. Also, this is a projected channel so be wary of offering unsolicited advice.

What is your experience with fears from your Splenic Center? Do you notice when fear holds you back? Which fear do you want to transcend?





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