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Cancellation Policy

The Human Design weekend at Green Rock Retreat is limited to a small number of attendees to allow for a more personable, intimate experience. The cancellation policy is in place to account for expenses that may arise from unexpected cancellations. --Cancellation requests submitted within 45 days of retreat start date (August 16, 2022) will receive a full refund. --Cancellation requests submitted within 30 days of retreat start date will receive a 50% refund of your total payment. If your spot can be filled, you will receive a full refund. --Within 29 days of the retreat start date, no refunds are given unless your spot is filled. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur. It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policies. No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat, or for arriving late or leaving early. Kelly Harrington Nutrition reserves the right to cancel the retreat with inadequate participant interest, in which case all money paid to Kelly Harrington Nutrition will be refunded. Notification of cancellation for this reason will occur at least 1 month prior to retreat start date. Read more here: