My clients often want to improve their energy levels, body composition, food choices, exercise performance, and overall health. They often tell me they want more confidence and happiness in how they look and feel.

Ultimately, everyone wants to feel great in their body and live a long, healthy life!

As your Registered Dietitian, I motivate you.
I teach you. I empower you to become your own nutrition authority, and I use 

Human Design as a tool help you step into your fullest potential.

If you are seeking the additional nutrition support, accountability, and expertise needed to make lasting changes within the context of your lifestyle, let's chat!

I would love to work together with you.

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Human Design is the perfect blend of science, logic, spirituality, and energetic magic. It's a reminder of how you're unique and what your greatest gifts are. 

Human Design provides you the tools to step into your strengths and superpowers. I tells you how you manage stress, how you make decisions, and how you process emotions. It can also identify areas of resistance or conditioning that may be holding you back from who you are meant to be.

For parents, it's a highly effective guidebook for extensively understanding

your child, including strengths, decision-making, learning style, and the

intricacies of how your child's energy works.

After you have your chart read, it's quite possible you will have never felt

so articulated, validated, and understood in your life.

Step into your authentic self with Human Design.

I provide readings for Individuals, Couples, and Children.

What I Do for 1:1 Nutrition

I am your personal Registered Dietitian.

I use a Functional Nutrition approach to get to the root cause of your health concerns. I will provide individualized, science-based solutions realistic for your lifestyle.

"Well-being" involves diet, sleep, stress, activity, environment, and your social, emotional, & mental health – and we talk about it all.

It's Holistic!

I Come To You

The ease is fantastic, and the process is motivating!

It's a life transformation journey and I will motivate you toward your goals through suggestions, insights, and small changes every day.

I coach via a virtual phone app, along with video conferencing that can be done at any time from anywhere.

Real Solutions, Real Results

I have so much success with this approach because the support and accountability are high.

My technique is effective and you will get results. 

Read more about the focuses
within My Approach.

I am your personal Registered Dietitian.
I work with people who want to feel healthier, have more energy, improve the quality of their diet, understand how food affects their health, and who are frustrated by their current progress.
It's a life transformation journey and I will motivate you toward your goals by making small changes every day.

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness and is not only scientific but also holistic in her approach. As a result, I have benefited greatly from her coaching and have learned a lot from her about what foods I need to be eating regularly, as well as those that I need to avoid.  Not only do I feel much more energetic throughout the day after improving my diet, but I am steadily losing 1 to 2 pounds a week since signing up with Kelly. This is significant because before hiring Kelly, my weight loss progress had plateaued even though I was working out very hard with weights and performing cardio under the guise of a personal fitness trainer. Kelly is also a superb communicator, is highly motivating, very professional, and has a pleasant and positive demeanor. If you are ready for results in your quest for optimum health and well-being, I highly recommend you contact Kelly for nutritional coaching.

Chris S.
Bend, Oregon

Hi! I'm Kelly

I'm a mom, a wife, a bestie, an athlete, and have been a Registered Dietitian for

21 years. I have a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, and when I discovered Functional Medicine a decade ago, it was a lightbulb moment in my career and changed the way I approach health.

During my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with low thyroid and I found myself on the patient side of conventional medicine. It failed to help me for five years and after seeing multiple MDs! It wasn't until I found a Functional Medicine Practitioner that I started feeling healthy and like myself again. 

I believe in using high-quality foods to improve health, modifying lifestyle to support mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, integrating supplements as needed, and reducing toxin exposure from the environment. I use Human Design as an amazing tool for supporting health and well-being.

I look forward to working with you!