One-on-One 30 Day Nutrition Program

30 days of detailed feedback & education to achieve your goals.

  • 30 minutes
  • 549 US dollars


You will have an initial phone or video call with me (Kelly) to talk about your goals, intentions, and concerns. You will download the Practice Better app on your phone and begin taking pictures of what you eat throughout the day. It's an easy process with high accountability and it's an easy way for you to stay motivated. As your dietitian, photo journaling is an extremely effective way for me to spot trends and provide you with detailed feedback to move you toward your goals. All communication happens through the Practice Better app. I will provide daily feedback regarding your eating and lifestyle habits, offer meal and snack ideas as needed, and give feedback about anything else pertinent I see. We become a team through the program, and I encourage you to use me as a resource for any nutrition and exercise help you need. I will leave you feedback Monday thru Friday. You will continue to upload meals throughout the weekend, and Monday's response will be regarding your weekend uploads. After two weeks we will have a 15-minute check-in call. I use Human Design as a tool when working with my clients. At the beginning of the 90 days, I will provide you with a 30-minute mini Human Design reading to learn the basics of your unique design. If you are new to Human Design, this reading is a great place to start, and my intention is for it to feel inspiring, empowering, and quite possibly transformational, which all impact physical health and overall well-being. *Please schedule your initial call appointment upon booking.