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Private Group Program

30 days to focus on yourself and reach your goals with your friends.

  • 30 min
  • $199 per person


This is great for groups of 3 to 6 friends or family members who want to get healthy together. Having success and making changes is much more fun and motivating with others! Prior to starting the 30 day program, each participant will meet with me (Kelly) individually, via phone or video call, to discuss personal goals. For 30 days, the group and I will communicate every day within the Practice Better app. The group aspect will feel motivating, empowering, intimate, and safe. It will allow you to share ideas, tips, recipes, images, and more with each other. Each group member also has a private food and mood journal where you will take pictures of everything you eat and drink. My daily feedback will be one message to everyone. We will interact Monday thru Friday. You will also photo-journal on the weekend, and my Monday message to you will be regarding your weekend photo uploads. This program is not as individualized as the Individual Program, but you will still get a lot from it. *Please schedule your initial individual call at booking.

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