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4/1 Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation

Hi! I'm Kelly! My human design stats are a 4/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator with the Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation. Do you have this Cross too? I would love to hear from you!

I have talked (virtually) to six other people with this cross - two of which I've gotten to know very well. One thing I've discovered is we all have a birthday on July 4th or 5th. My birthday is July 5th.

Last year I met a Splenic Manifestor named Nicole Clements-Damron. We did an exchange of information where I gave her specific feedback about her health and nutrition through the lens of human design and she gave me a deep dive into my incarnation cross. Her insights about my cross truly helped me to embody the energy of this cross at its highest expression.

With Nicole's permission, I am sharing her powerful words to also help others.

Gates in the 4/1 Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation

gate 39.4 (Personality Sun): gate of Obstruction

gate 38.4 (Personality Earth): gate of the Fighter

gate 51.1 (Design Sun): gate of Shock

gate 57.1 (Design Earth): gate of Intuitive Insight

There are a lot of gifts with this cross, so let's look at each gate on its own to get the essence of the energy and whether the gate is conscious or subconscious, and the hexagram line it is being expressed through.

Gate 39.4 in the Personality Sun

Let's start with the Conscious Sun in gate 39.4. The gate of Obstruction (aka: the gate of Provocation) is expressed through the 4th line. Since the 4th line is the first number in the 4/1 profile, it means this energy is how you take in and internalize the world around you.

The 4 is about embracing your community and externalizing the discoveries of the lower trigram, which in this case is the knowledge found using your line 1. So this can seem contradictory, because you internalize through your close personal relationships, which also involves sharing your significant knowledge with them. But overall, I think it makes a lot of sense when you consider the energy of this gate. This gate energy is, “the pressure to provoke the evolving emotional awareness of spirit into revealing itself.”

You are here to be the one who influences others into finding a deeper spiritual awareness of their feelings. I can see how this would be a great energy to have as a dietitian since you can help to bring out the emotions that help others get closer to alignment within themselves. The point of provoking is to help someone transcend. As you know, provoking sounds like such a negative word, and it can definitely be felt in a negative context when we provoke the wrong people, and they are repelled by us. This can be seen as a gift as well, since your energy is clearing away those who are not right for you.

The line 4 has a sense of right timing around it, so make sure you are responding in alignment to those who are the correct people for you (your tribe/community/network) who already see the value you have to offer. I really liked this quote from the Definitive book of Human Design that says, "You don’t create your networks; they already exist, and you find them through the correct use of your strategy and authority."

You can also provoke others into revealing the emotions behind their issues around disordered eating, or emotional eating, helping them to overcome those things and find the spiritual lessons behind these emotions.

Gate 38.4 in the Personality Earth

Next, let's look at the Conscious Earth in gate 38.4. This is the gate of Opposition (aka: “the gate of the Fighter." This is the energy of seeking a reason for living, and because it is in your undefined root center, it can express itself as helping others seek a reason for living. This gate is about finding the things that are worth fighting for. It has to do with fighting for a purpose and helping others discover what it is they are willing to fight for. It helps others find their purpose. This is energy that is grounding to your Sun gate, so feeling like you have a purpose worth fighting for, and helping others find that purpose is what is going to ground the energy that provokes others into achieving transcendence.

When you feel like provoking is coming across in a negative way, lean into the reasons that keep you fighting for what you believe in. As long as you are in integrity with what you are fighting for, it will come across in a positive way when you are provoking others into finding alignment within themselves.

Because I have Sacral authority, I have noticed when I use my gut response to determine what's worth fighting for (or not), this has been extremely helpful for ensuring my provokes are in alignment. When I follow my Authority, I feel Honor, which is the high expression of gate 38.

Gate 51.1 in the Design Sun

The Subconscious Sun in this Cross is gate 51.1. This is the gate of Arousing (aka: the gate of Shock.) Because this is Line 1 energy and it is in the second position of your profile, this has to do with how you externalize these gifts into the world. The 1st line is all about research, studies, and sharing knowledge with people. You have this ability to adapt to disorder by digging into the research around the subject and finding a secure foundation that allows you to move through the energy.

The gift of this gate can be found personally through the ability to withstand shocking circumstances and adapt to them.

One of the biggest gifts I see here, is the ability to shock others out of complacency and into self-love and transcendence. Your extensive knowledge of nutrition and human behavior is what people are looking to you for, so you can help to shock them out of complacency with their current habits and routines and help them get to a place of self-love. This works so well with your profession, because I can see why people would want to work with you when you can offer them this energy.

This is a Sun gate so there is a lot of energy here, but because it is subconscious, it can be harder for you to see this in yourself, although I’m sure your clients would say this is an energy you bring to the table.

Gate 57.1 in the Design Earth

The Subconscious Earth gate is gate 57.1. This is called The Gentle - the gate of Intuitive Clarity. This gate is related to sound, and especially the right ear. This is an ability to intuitively “hear” what others are saying, and to get down to what they are really saying on an intuitive level. Others could accuse you of not listening, but that’s because you are hearing more than the words they speak, you are sensing what they are actually saying, and sometimes those two things don’t always sound the same.

This intuitive sense can be useful when speaking with clients about nutrition. You can intuitively tell the meaning behind what they are saying.

This gate is about the present moment, and the spleen speaks once and speaks softly, so making sure you are staying present and paying attention to the instincts you get in the now is what is going to help you use your other gifts in an aligned way.

This intuition is what grounds your gate of shock and your gate of provoking, so make sure you’re leaning into your intuition and sensing what someone is actually saying before you attempt to shock or provoke them into alignment.

As long as you are following your strategy of waiting to respond and trusting your authority of yes and no in the moment, then you won’t be repelling when you provoke.

Staying attuned "in the now" with both your defined sacral and defined spleen, will help you to use your incarnation cross energy in its highest expression for both you and those in your community who you serve.

4/1 Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation Summary Per Nicole Clements-Damron

In summary, you have this subconscious side of you that seeks security through knowledge. You want to know about human behavior and the way people act, and you have an intuitive gift of being able to sense those things naturally. You subconsciously have a way of bringing people out of complacency and into transcendence and self-love. You are naturally going to sense what is holding people back and then provoke them into becoming better and loving themselves more. You externalize these things you sense about people by helping them find what is worth fighting for in their own lives.

This is an amazing gift for a dietitian because you can intuitively sense where people are out of alignment, and you can provoke them into seeing the value of fighting for better health through nutrition. This incarnation cross makes perfect sense for someone in your profession.

You have this awesome profile of the 4/1 which works in such harmony. Your 1st line builds a foundation of knowledge, and your 4th line externalizes your insight and knowledge in a way that helps your immediate community by provoking them into finding the things worth fighting for.

Gate 57 provides a gentleness to the shocking, provoking, fighting side of this incarnation cross. It helps you to have this foundation of intuitive awareness to know that when you externalize your insights to the right people at the right time. You don’t have to worry about repelling people by shocking them and provoking them negatively if you are using your strategy and authority to find the right community who is open to receiving your gifts.

I would love to hear your experience with this cross. Please feel free to leave me a comment.

Much love,



All information about the individual gates and the summary of this cross are from the words of Nicole Clements-Damron, a 3/5 Splenic Manifestor.

If you're interested in a written summary of your Incarnation Cross by Nicole, contact her at She is truly gifted as a writer and her Manifestor insights are powerful!


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Feb 05

Hey Kelly, Im also born on the same day as you and got the same Juxtapossition Cross of Provocation :) please feel free to get in touch on Instagram, my profile: wild lotus power

Kelly Harrington, MS, RD
Feb 18
Replying to

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment! I found you on insta and followed you :) I love meeting others with this Cross! There aren't many of us, but it seems like we're finding each other. Since this is a cross with all Individual energy, it feels great to connect with others with this cross, especially as a 4/1.


Sep 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hey Kelly, nice to meet you. I'm born 5th of July 1973 and also a mg 4/1....

Feel free to contact me on Facebook: Roald de Waardt.

And thanks for all the info!

Kelly Harrington, MS, RD
Sep 20, 2023
Replying to

Hello Roald! Wonderful to meet another birthday human design twin. Love it! I'm glad you found the info helpful :)

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